The largest sunflower oil producers

10.12.2014, 17:08

Marketing year 2013/2014 was a record one by the production volume and sunflower oil export from Ukraine.

As per “Ukroliyaprom” data, last year Ukrainian fat-and-oil industry has processed about 10,5 million tons of sunflower. According to the head of association Stepan Kapshuk, sunflower oil production amounted to 4,5 million tons, of which 4 million tons were sent for export. It is a third better than a year ago. Previous record was in 2011/2012 marketing year, when 3,064 million tons of sunflower oil was sent for export.

Ukraine continues to take first place in the world by volumes of sunflower oil export, having supplied to foreign markets more than 50% of the whole world export of this product.

According to calculations of analytic company “ProAgro”, this season Ukraine is going to harvest about 15, 7 million tons of oil – bearing crop which is somewhat lower than last year indexes (decrease by 3,8 %). It is supposed that agrarians will harvest 10 million tons of sunflower, 2,1 million tons of rapeseed and 3,5 million tons of soybeans (total 15,6 millions, and higher — 15,7). It is notable, that soybean will be gathered a third more than last season. These data are indicated excluding Crimea.

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine forecasts in 2014/2015 marketing year curtailment of sunflower oil production in Ukraine by 14% - up to 4 million tons, out of which about 3,5 million tons will be exported.

Oilseed market operators suppose that despite difficult political and economic situation, in Ukraine will increase processing capacities, though not as rapid as previous years.


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