Elevator provides the following services:

  • – organization of storage, drying, cleaning, and shipment by road (auto) and rail transport of rapeseed and sunflower seeds;
  • – uploading of dry grain from road (auto) to rail transport and vice-versa;
  • – usage of railway unloading ramp for crushed stone and coal;
  • – usage of unloading-loading ramp for transshipment of packaged products into railway containers.

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Company «Oliyar»

Company “Oliyar” is one of the leading producers of vegetable oil in Ukraine. All the time, tending to increase capacities and improve production, the company has built new oil extraction plant in Stavchany village, Lviv region.

The enterprise started to process rapeseed and soybean.
Oil extraction plant is already equipped with modern equipment of the world leading producers, which is notable for energy-saving and minimizes harmful influence on environment. At the same time, high rates of productivity and quality of products are preserved.

We buy seeds


The price of seeds on the terms of delivery of DAP elevator PE "Oliyar", Stavchany village, Pustomyty district, Lviv region.


from 0 000 UAH/t

Rapeseed (without GMOs)

from  0 000 UAH/t  


from 18 100 UAH/t

Media about Us

Edible Oil Extraction Plant

The modern oil extraction plant is impossible without support of structural that units that make it possible to complete the cycle of seed processing, from receiving and storing raw materials to finished products, for which the consumer is waiting.

43 000 m3

Capacity of elevator for storage of oilseeds seeds

880 tons/day

Power extraction shop for processing soya

1 000 tons/day

Power extraction shop on rape processing

1 200 tons/day

Power extraction shop on sunflower processing

Our Products

The product produced at Edible Oil Extraction Plant

Refining and deodorization Plant

In 2005, renovation of refining and deodorization capacities was performed, new processes of winterization, filtration, and packaging were implemented, and new packaging facility was built.

3rd place

in Ukraine in terms of production capacity

350 tons/day

Factory power from the manufacture of refined oil

Higher test

Sunflower oil TM “MAJOLA” got a sign of quality

35 countries

in which our products are exported

Our Brands

Oliyar produces sunflower oil under the brands “Majola”, “Sonyashna”, “Rodynna” and “Oliyar”.