About Edible Oil Extraction Plant

About Edible Oil Extraction Plant

The modern oil extraction plant

is impossible without support of structural that units that make it possible to complete the cycle of seed processing, from receiving and storing raw materials to finished products, for which the consumer is waiting.

Mainly it includes elevators, preparation lines, warehouses and liquid storage tanks.

The new plant provides elevator for storing oilseeds with capacity of 34 400 m3. For pretreatment of the seeds the work preparatory lines serve. The maximum production capacity of soybeans – 880 tons/day; rapeseeds – 1000 tons/day, sunflower – 1200 tons/day. The plant has 2 silage type warehouses for storing of oil-cake and meal with a capacity of 3000 tons each. These warehouses are equipped with granulation department of 30 t/h capacity. For storage of finished vegetable oils three liquid storage tanks are used with capacity of 3000 m3 each.

Oil extraction plant in Stavchany village produce the following products:

  • crude sunflower oil;
  • crude soybean oil;
  • crude rapeseed oil;
  • sunflower meal;
  • soybean meal;
  • rapeseed meal;
  • sunflower husks;
  • soybean husks;
  • phosphatide concentrate (sunflower, soybean, rapeseed).

The most modern equipment, advanced technology, careful control at all stages of production – are the key points to high quality products.