Oliyar produces sunflower oil under the brands “Majola”,“Rodynna”, “Sonyashna”,“Oliyar” and “Oliyar Masterfry”.

Oliyar successfully competes with other players in the vegetable oil market. Our company is a modern high-tech and environmentally clean manufacturing company located in Stavchany village (100 km from the EU border). Majola’s ™ oil has been the favourite oil of the whole Western Ukraine and other regions for almost nineteen years.

International certificates and experience in running business in different countries guarantee our customers high quality of products and mutually beneficial cooperation. PC Oliyar is known in Ukraine as a producer of sunflower oil under such brands as Majola, Oliyar, Rodynna and Sonyashna.

TM “Mayola” is produced by the “Oliyar” company and has a high quality that has been proven over the years.

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