43 000 m³

Elevator capacity (on the territory of the plant)

120 000 m³

Elevator capacity (Pustomyty)

Own access point to the railway

The complex in Pustomyty has its own access point to the railway.


An elevator for storing oil crop seeds with the capacity of 43 000 m3 operates on the territory of the new plant. The company also owns a large elevator complex with the capacity 120 000 m3 with access to the railway in Pustomyty only 7 kilometres from the main plant. Close access to the railway and EU border are the benefits for any large enterprise. Thanks to the well-planned logistics, and its own access point to the railway, Oliyar’s products can be delivered quickly and without delays to all corners of Ukraine, as well as abroad.

Oliyar’s Elevator in Pustomyty has the ability to simultaneously store up to 2 types of crops. The shipment potential – two lines of 400 tons per hour for road and railway transport.

The elevator provide services:

  • Weighing, receiving, storage, drying, cleaning, ventilation, disinfection (if necessary), shipment of rapeseed and sunflower seeds to road and rail transport;
  • Conducting of analysis and laboratory researches, determination of grain quality;
  • Transshipment of dry grain (sunflower, rapeseed, soybeans, wheat, corn, etc.) from road to rail transport and vice versa;
  • sage of railway unloading ramp for crushed stone and coal;
  • Usage of a railway unloading and loading ramp for shipment of packaged products in a railway container.

Advantages of the elevator:

  • Certified conditions for grain storage and ensuring its quality indicators;
  • Optimal and transparent tariff policy.

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